A Portable Garden

I presently lease my residence and, while I’m thinking of purchasing later this year, I can not refrain from obtaining brand-new and intriguing perennial plants now. After all, it is almost springtime out there and new plants have always been a bulk of my springtime tasks. Yet, just what could you do when you have actually a leased property and you’re planning on relocating?

073This afternoon, I chose to do some planting but I lost both pots and space to place them. There was a narrow strip along the side of the home that promised both shade and excellent visibility. The barbeque rested there together with a couple of various other tools but these were all promptly moved into the garage. To create excellent horticulture usage of this space, I spread black plastic bags to stop weeds or grass from growing and after that set my new perennial pots out on the plastic. Leaving the plants in the pots, I organized them as if I were growing them; high plants to the back against the house exterior siding, gold leaved close to dark eco-friendly, and short plants to the front and so on. Next I filled up between all the pots with peat moss. The peat will certainly keep the plant upright as well as safeguard the pots from drying out. When viewed from standing, the pots go away under the peat and the yard looks like it was planted. All I have to do is keep the peat moss damp and the plants will certainly become a seasonal garden.

When I leave this autumn, I’ll simply bring up the pots, bag up the peat moss into the trash can and transport my plants to their brand-new home. But in the meanwhile, I have what looks a garden, my waste area is occupied with plants and my plants will enjoy it.